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President’s Post – September 2015

Welcome to all members, and especially the new members of Huapai Pony Club.  The enrolment was a huge success, and our members have increased from past years. I have no doubt our existing members will make them feel welcome and show them the ropes.  It was great to see so many familiar faces at enrolment, and I am looking forward to catching up with you all at the first rally.

The season will be upon us very soon, and we have a lot of great things to achieve during this year.  In particular our club camp will I am sure be a highlight. Forms will be circulated shortly on Facebook for those who are interested to fill out and get back to Committee so that we can finalise numbers and costs.  For those who will be attending, we will send out an information letter to answer all those questions you will no doubt have.  As to how the camp will look clearly depends on the amount and level of kids attending so please be prompt in sending back your forms.

District teams events will be coming up at different times during the season, and your ride’s instructor will be reminding you of those dates and what you need to do to gain a place on those teams.  Keep checking our Facebook and website for more details.  A big congratulations to Jess Cameron,  and Georgia Alexander who are competing in the Show Hunter teams event at Foxton – good luck Jess and Georgia,  we know you will do us proud and look forward to hearing about it when you get back, so make sure your mums take lots of photos!

Development squads.  This is new to our club, and something which our hard working Head Coach and our committee are very passionate about.  Gail has organised a squad for each of the disciplines, Dressage, Show jumping, Show hunter, Eventing and Showing, and also games if there is enough interest.  These squads will have additional tuition from a specialised coach subsidised in part by the Club but there will also need to be contribution by the team members.  More about this at the first rally, but put your thoughts now to whether you would like to be in a squad and if so which one/s!

Regards,   Sue.


Info Sheet Riders 2015

Use of Grounds Agreement 2015

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