Rally 11 Feb 2015 – Closed Dressage Evening

The evening will start with a dressage demonstration from Greg on his horse JL Champs Elysee who have been doing very this season. Then riders will go in blackboard order to do their tests.

We need to set up three arenas before rally starts – so we’ll need a good group of helpers to lend a hand to get these done so we can start on time at 5.30. We’ll also need parents to help keep the evening moving along.

  • writers for the judges (no experience necessary – and a good opportunity to sit in a quite spot for the night!)
  • a helper for Christine doing the scoring
  • a steward for each ring to make sure the riders keep flowing through
  • runners to bring the score sheets in from the judges to the scorers
  • and finally – a couple of helpers for the kitchen

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Ribbons and dressage sheets will be given out the following rally night.  Results will be emailed .

  1. Pony club uniform and no plaiting required, no entry fee.
  2. Riders have the option to do 2 tests or just the 1 test
  3. Tests are from the Dressage White Book 2013
  4. Lead rein riders, can be led during the test
  5. Callers are allowed
  6. Snaffle Bits only
  7. No bandages, bell boots, martingales etc.


Christine’s, and Julie’s Ride- Test O.A and O.B (both of these tests don’t have canter and can be led if needed)

Gail’s ride – Test O.B and O.C

Rebecca’s, Amy’s and Kate’s Ride – 1.B and 1.C

Greg’s ride 2.B and 2.C or 4.D for riders that want a challenge.

(we were doing rider test option but for results with riders doing different tests for marks would be uneven due to different number of movements).


Tests will be run as follows:

Gail –                     2.B , 1.B , and 4.D

Julie –                    1.C and 2.C

Amy       –              O.A and  O.C

Rebecca –            O.B

Christine –            Scoring and gathering of tests

Rebecca –            If Rebecca finishes early, just help Christine or making sure riders are coming through quickly to other tests

Gail Seeley

Head Coach

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